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Published:December 31st, 2009 21:30 EST
Day of Judgement

Day of Judgement

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

                                                    Day of Judgement

Raise up, Raise up,
Why are you disturbing me angel?
Angel says, today is the day of judgement
Lets go with me to God.

Oh, GOD, I am sorry for my sin,
I committed many sin,
Please forgive me by your kindness,
You are always glorious and beneficent.

God says, tell your sin,
Did not you kill a community?
Did not you torture the people?
Did not you rape the women?
Oh! God, I am sorry , I am sorry.

God says, go to hell,
Oh! God, Please forgive me,
I am always sorry for my sin,
God says, taste your punishment.

Where I am now?
This is hell, Angel says,
Drink this hot water,
Oh! No,I can not,
But you have to drink as punishment.
No! No, I am dying,
No, you can never die, Angel says.

Suddenly a big snake comes to me,
I ask it, who are you?
I am nothing but your sin,
Now I will bite you,
Oh! No. I am dying.
No,you can not die, Angel says.

Suddenly, the fragrance comes to me
Oh, Angel, where is it coming from?
This is from the heaven, Angel says.
Oh!Angel, I can not stay in this fire
Let me bring into heaven.
No,No. This is your punishment.

Oh! God, forgive me,
I was nonsense in world
Please forgive me, forgive me,
Suddenly a storm-like fire is coming to me,
Hey fire!do not proceed, I will die
No.No, you can not die, Angel says.
This is your life in hell as punishment.