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Published:January 21st, 2010 22:43 EST
A Word I Heard

A Word I Heard

By Mark Frederic Jennings

Watching TV like I often do just the other another day,
I saw a man who for his crimes he was just about to pay.
Something horrible, truly awful, he had wanton and willfully done,
so I was glad in the sunlight of freedom for a long time he would no longer run.

It felt good to hate him and to hurt him I wanted even more,
but then a voice said please oh please don`t go in that wide open door.
It might feel good at first, and may even make you happy, and could even be considered fun.
But before you know it, him and you will be the same and just like one.

Because hatred is a virus that he has and probably long ago caught,
and lead him to his dastardly crimes and to the gun of evil that he shot.
and if you catch it, which you can, though it may not lead you to a gun,
at the very least, you won`t be able to stop with him and you`ll soon be hating everyone.

Then finally when you run out of others, you`ll most likely hate yourself too,
and like a blanket, depression and sadness will drape all over you.
I`ve seen it happen maybe a million, or even a billion times or more,
which is why I`m saying, and even pleading please don`t go in that wide open door.

And in case you were wondering this is God, the voice then finally said,
which most likely has you thinking that I must be totally crazy in the head.
But I still wanted to share these words and the ideas that they form,
so hopefully together we can make it through this life so often like a storm.