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Published:April 17th, 2010 11:00 EST
Attempting To Shine

Attempting To Shine

By S. D.

In the archaic drifulge moltained

Together by limbaquious disdain

A quansilous creature remains

To travurbiate all of its gains

The creature, fluescent, well reacts

To the comiliques and the ablasques

But wonderling wings are masked

For the fluescent creature is not lax

And magracious beauty shall die

Without that which is its right and kly

As wonderling is kept from the sky

As wonderling is forced not to fly

The fluescent creature could care less

While wonderling beauty makes its tress

To brokilic cruelty, it would digress

And make wonderling beauty a mess

But by the bravorious efforts of one

The fluescent creature will jine, be done

And the wonderling wings will have won

To once more shine in the brilliant sun.