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Published:August 11th, 2010 21:22 EST
Ed Roberts Sharing the Poetry of Vera Long

Ed Roberts Sharing the Poetry of Vera Long

By Ed Roberts

Ed Roberts sharing the poetry of Vera Long

Vera Long has lived in rural Oklahoma most of her life.  She has been writing Country Poetry for over 65 years and her first book "Vera, The Country Poet" will be released around the last of August.

A member of Poetry Society of Oklahoma and Stillwater Writers, her poems appear on-line and in many anthologies, including New Authors Journal.


The Young Tornadoes
By Vera Long

The wild young tornadoes came roaring by
With flashing eyes and thunderous laughter,

Riding savage steeds, letting whirlwinds lead,
Not looking back at paths of disaster.

Tumbling, twisting, and uprooting trees

that Mother Nature had nurtured with pride,
Scattering loose ends and barns made of tin,
They tore through the heart of the great outside.

"What have these young tornadoes been up to?"
Father Time took Mother Nature to task.
"Oh, just having fun and hurting no one.
They were getting restless. Why do you ask?"

"We`ve wrecked havoc across the countryside,"
the desperadoes bragged and told their tale
of folks scared faces and messed up places.
Father Time frowned. Nother Nature turned pale.

Grandpa the DJ
By Vera Long

His old blue eyes glistened as his tall-tales unraveled.
He recalled days of glory and places he traveled.
He said he`d been everywhere. Not a word of that is true.
He never sailed the ocean nor flown `cross skies of blue.

Or took the train to Memphis , rode the bus to New Orleans .
He never climbed a mountain, never drove with race-car teams.
Rodeo was just a dream. Bull riding was not his choice.
He was not an opera star with a melodious voice.
He was not the one who baked the Queen`s big white wedding cake.
He didn`t catch that walleye, biggest fish in Harper`s lake.
Those who heard him tell tall-tales say his listeners were spell-bound.
But there`s one thing he is good at. He`s the best DJ around.

His smooth-as-velvet voice is a familiar voice folks know.
His faithful listeners never miss his regular "Let`s Talk Show."
It`s no tall-tale he was the first to play the Elvis songs.

I heard him tell young Elvis, "Sing your heart out, loud and strong."
"We`re glad you came to our town for your very first tour stop.
Young man, the voice you`re blessed with, will take you over the top."
For years the first and last song on Pop`s Country Music Show
was "Sincerely," " So Sings My Heart," " Easy Come, Easy Go,"
"Heartbreak Hotel," "Blue Suede Shoes," or "Are You Lonely Tonight?"
"Matter of Time," "Don`t Be Cruel," "Hound Dog," "Poor Boy" or "That`s Al l Right."

Al though Grandpa`s growing old, he still spins the disks each day.
He twirls his way into hearts, taking their troubles away,

Shining a light to freedom, sharing their sorrows and fears,
Helping them find a rainbow as they wipe away their tears.
He`s making the world better, sending love over the air-waves.
The listeners love Granddaddy; some still listening from their graves.

Peek-a-boo Moon
By Vera Long
Peek-a-boo Moon,
Peeping through the windows of my heart,
You knew when each heartache had its start.
With your ears pressed to the window pane
You hear my tears falling down like rain.
Your piercing eyes can see
Deep in the heart of me,
And watch the beat of this lonely tune.
Can you see in her heart?
Is she sad we`re apart?
Tell me, does she love me,
Peek-a-boo moo.

Peek-a-boo Moon,
Peering down through dark clouds up above,
You found out, no doubt `bout my lost love.
You`re always spying down through the trees.
Do you tell all the stars what you see?"
You see the tears I hide
Inside my wounded pride.
You believe I`m acting like a loon.
You share my sadness.
Send me some gladness.
Tell her I still love her,
Peek-a-boo Moon.

Peek-a-boo Moon,
Looks like tears are streaming down your cheek.
Wipe your eyes and take one more peek.
You can`t bear to hurt me with the truth.
Must I cry all the years of my youth?
You shine your silver beams
Into pockets of my dreams.
You`re sorry our love ended so soon.
You`re scared to shine too bright.
The future`s black as night.
I`ll always love her,
Peek-a-boo Moon.