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Published:August 30th, 2010 15:36 EST

Going To Do...

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)





~Going To Do?~




It`s long past due

That we deal

With this hypocrisy!



Nine people out of ten

Can`t give a definition

For democracy!



They argue by day

But are friends

At night



And those of us

That do see through it

They call conspirators

Who just aren`t wrapped

Too tight!



Play one off of another

And worry about the end game

The another and one are me and you

And that`s a damn shame!



They even vote on things

That they haven`t read



Because they ain`t got time!



That`s almost verbatim

To what Conyers said!



But when it comes around to elections

They covet your vote

And yes




Cause things are going to change

If you elect me

This time!



Half the elections are rigged

Which is a proven deal

How can you expect leadership?

When even the elections

Aren`t real?



Yea though I walk

Through the valley of death

And when some politician`s speak

All I smell

Is dragon`s breath!



Perhaps I should be silent?

And not make a peep?

When I see misery all around me?

And a population

That`s fast asleep?



The adults in this land

Have really screwed up

Big time!



Thinking all they have to do

Is vote again

And then next time in the longer and longer!


Damn lines!



Mean while our children`s future

Is pretty much

A done deal!



In debt for life at birth

Cause most of us were asleep

At the wheel!



You can quote all of Lebron James stats!

And think that it`s not fair!

After all Brittany Spears

Is back on track!

And is no longer shaving her hair!



Not to mention that your car needs



Major repairs



And whose the Mayor of my town?






Like I care?



Not everyone is still asleep

But they don`t know what to do

And a lot of them say

Well now I know

What can I do to make a difference

Come through?



I have a simple answer

That time has proven true



We are many

And they are few



And we can count them



Only God can count you



So remember



We are the many



And they are the few



And if we band together



Instead of avoiding each other






Then again



It is up



To you






What now



Are you going to do?





By Chase Von


The Last Panther

All rights reserved