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Published:September 14th, 2010 19:15 EST
Visiting World in Dream with Monster-Bird

Visiting World in Dream with Monster-Bird

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visiting World in Dream with Monster-Bird

After taking a heavy dinner,

I was feeling the sleepy sensation,

Suddenly an unseen  sleep-Angel touches my body,

My body is smoothly  shaken and I fell in deep sleep.

In dream, Sleep-Angel offers me to visit the world,

I reply him how it is possible,

Sleep-Angel gifts me a nice monster-bird,

Now it is easy to visit the world, Sleep-Angel says.

Monster-bird asks me where I want to go?

I reply that I do not know anything,

Monster-bird suggests me to visit Israel`s Nuclear Power Plant,

This is a nice place and you can enjoy it, Monster-bird says.

When I arrive at Israel`s Nuclear Power Plant,

The Mosad officials greet me cordially,

They take me inside of the  Nuclear Power Plant,

And give some ducks to my monster-bird.

Entering inside of Israel`s Nuclear Power Plant,

I was really amazed,

Nuclear Scientist gave me a short brief,

I was really sanitized knowing the power of it.

Then I ask my monster-bird, where to go now?

Monster-bird says to visit White House of USA,

I ask him why it is important for me?

It replies  to get some advice from US-President.

When I arrive at White House,

White House officials greet me amicably,

Then they take me inside of the White House,

And give some healthy chickens to my monster-bird.

White House is a nice place,

Everything is too much decorated,

Suddenly US- President comes at my room,

Firstly he gives me thanks for my poem Pray for USA "

I also thank him for stopping Burning Quran Activity ".

US-President shares African problems with me,

I suggest him to give more funds,

But he sincerely shows the disappointment,

About the use of fund in Africa.

I request US-President to give me some advice,

What type of  advice do you want, President asks,

It is all about political advice, I say,

Why you want Political advice, President asks,

I want to be the President of Bangladesh,

US-President smiles but does not say anything.

US-President advices me to avoid Criticism "

It is always like a garbage, he says,

If you take it seriously,

You will be the great loser,

Mind it,

"Nobody kicks the dead dog", US-President says.

I request US-President to give more advice,

He says me not to be artificial,

Always show yourself what you really are,

And love the people, President says,

I thank US President and return from White House.

I request monster-bird to visit Amazon forest,

But it denies my proposal for its security,

Then I ask monster-bird to fly over Amazon forest,

Just it be agree to fly over the Amazon Forest.

When I was flying over Amazon forest,

I was seriously amazed,

But a part of forest has been grabbed illegally,

Which is a great threat for the nature of Amazon forest.

I say my monster-bird for no more political tour,

I request it to go any recreational place,

Monster-bird turns me at Bali Island in Indonesia,

This is really a nice place and the paradise of nature.

Mahmud,! Mahmud ! wake up, wake up, Mother says,

It is about 11:0 am and you are still sleeping,

Oh! Mom! I am visiting the world,

Suddenly mother drops some water on my face,

Oh! Mom! It is 11:0 am

My mother smiles, I also smile remembering my dream.


Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan


Dhaka, Bangladesh