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Published:July 31st, 2006 07:00 EST
Video: Harvey Carroll, Jr. Claims to Have Had a Hand in Every American Conflict Since Panama

Video: Harvey Carroll, Jr. Claims to Have Had a Hand in Every American Conflict Since Panama

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)




President Bush, Senior:

·         PANAMA:  (Billions)

Named/suggested "Operation Just Cause" the United States invasion of Panama that extradited the drug related indicted Dictator Manuel Noriega. 

Talked to one of his religious confidants in 2005 and he says he is in good spirits in the Miami based jail.

·         GULF WAR:  (Estimated over 70 Billion Syndication via the U.N.)
Worked with U. S. Government Intelligence Analyst/United Nations to organize and maintain the U. S. lead multinational coalition against Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq during "Operation Desert Storm".   

The strategy saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations.

Influenced about 85% of the key Presidential Speeches prior to and during the Gulf War.

Harvard Professor Huntington called it Tin Cup Diplomacy; I call the largest syndicated real estate deal in history.  Liberated Kuwait.

·         SOMALIA:  (Billions and little return on investment)

Provided policy positions that brought about financial aid to the impoverished third-world country of Somalia. 

Felt responsible for the deaths until I saw the move Black Hawk Down " and noticed that General Garrison took responsibility for the overzealous and unwarranted assault in the city.

Would have been less expensive to provide loans or lend lease agriculture equipment.

·         BOSNIA:  (No Cost at the initial stages)

Restrained Bush, Sr. by advising focus on entrance and exit strategy that later became the Powell Doctrine.


Suggested the merger of the former soviet States with the United States to maintain the International Space Station ".


I wrote the Helsinki Finland speech through my contacts where Bush presented Soviet President Gorbachev with Not a blank Check " speech. "

·         POLAND:  Wrote the speech that Bush used in Eastern Europe discussing how Lect Walenza the Polish President jumped the wall.  (psyops) to influence the people that solidarity has enabled him to escape the wall to freedom and democracy.  Later met Lect`s speech writer and he told me that everyone laughed at it, because Lect was a short man.  Yet, in my mind the people were thinking that they carried and helped him over "  I also gave comments in March at the polish embassy  in their discussion to join NATO.

·         NATO:  Feel I had influence on NATO expansion of former Soviet States.

President Bush, George W "

A very hard headed President and focused more on the profiteers than constructive policy makers.

·         MIDDLE EAST: 

Palestinian State Position Paper, used by President George Bush via United Nations Address.

First President to endorse Palestinian Statehood.  Designed to reduce terrorism.

Reiterated building a wall between Israel and Palestine.

·         UKRAINE:

Concerned about potential civil war during the Ukrainian election I used my 5 months of in country experience to fax the State Department and perhaps have a constructive outcome of the election.

Wrote other Policy Position Papers on the Ukraine.

Reiterated Policy Position papers on East to Western Europe Oil Pipe Line.


Wrote Policy Position Papers on Nuclear Non-Proliferation after attending a world Summit in 2004.

·         IRAN: 

Position Paper to influence the U.N. Security Council i.e. Russia to have a Nuclear Free Middle East ", because if a nuclear weapon is used and it ignites the oil a 1/3rd of the Earth could blow out.

·         CRISES MANAGEMENT (NEW ORLEANS):  (Billions)

 Press Release and Government advice to evacuate New Orleans as I was watching the flooding on TV after Hurricane Katrina.

My Operation Supper Bowl " response may have helped some, even though he Mayor was telling everyone everything is Okay and under control.  His lack of leadership delayed Federal response which should have been prevented to begin with.

***The Student Operated has not made any attempt to confirm nor discredit the above accounts. 

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