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Published:February 21st, 2007 06:45 EST
Liberals' Return to Power, Year of the Pig, and Divine Truth

Liberals' Return to Power, Year of the Pig, and Divine Truth

By John Lillpop

The spiritually naive probably view the capture of both chambers of Congress by Democrats, including the ascension of Nancy Pelosi to House Speaker, as coincidental. A national death urge on the part of the American electorate, perhaps, but with no perceivable cosmic significance.

In fact,however, everything happens according to a Divine Truth, a metaphysical chess match played for eternity on a Universal stage by Barons of the Heavens.

How else can one explain the extraordinary situation we Americans find ourselves in these days?

Think about it: America is "blessed" with a president and second-in-line successor who think and act like Sesame Street characters Oscar the Grouch (President Bush) and Big Bird (Speaker Pelosi), rather than serious political shakers and movers.

Most distressing, the only thing separating Big Bird from Oscar's desk in the Oval Office is an out-of-shape old shyster from Halliburton with the heart of a lion-- a very sick lion.

A man whose heart would have been replaced decades ago if surgeons had been able to find the damn thing!

Only a Divine Mind with an outrageous sense of humor would give the U.S. a president who is unable to pronounce "nuclear" and a bug-eyed speaker who believes that public prayers should be taxed!

But bitching changes nothing.

Might just as well wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, and chalk up the mess in Washington to the Year of the Pig!