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Published:June 21st, 2007 04:02 EST
Nepal Warms Up for New Financial Year

Nepal Warms Up for New Financial Year

By Subash Lamichhane

The Government of Nepal is preparing for new financial year. It is warming up to prepare the National budget for the upcoming financial year of 2007-08. As the country is awaiting for the new budget program and financial year, some people from remote areas have already rushed to Kathmandu so as to let their programs focus on this year’s Budget.

For the past 10 years, development works were heavily obstructed because of Moist insurgency. During these years many public properties and infrastructures have been completely smashed. This year’s budget should focus on the reconstruction and development of infrastructure. The Mountainous part of Nepal is still not touched with roads. There is lack of basic prerequisite like communication, education, health and sanitation. Moreover, whole country now should wake up and get started to focus on the development projects.

Nepal enjoys its average population being youths. Youth are the future of Nepal. Government should focus on the youth and every time should care how to make them competitive and better their overall development. The youth of today are the future of Nepal. They need to be focused so that they can have best education, they can get best facilities and government should focus on them so that their patriotism does not die. It is very important aspect to have future Nepal united and peaceful.

It is the time for youth also to be aware and speak out for their needs and rights. It is not the age where we will have to keep our mouth shut even when we know someone is corrupting heavily. We have to be united to protest against corruption. We shall wage the war against poverty, illiteracy, disease and corruption. Then only a better Nepal can stand on its strong foundation built upon with the morals and knowledge.

The Government should be aware that importing guns and granite can only destroy our own infrastructures and shed the blood of a Nepali. We should not pay the foreigners for bleeding our brothers here and destroying our own society. The government should not invest more on military and weapons. The money should be spent on education and other prerequisite than for military expenditure.

A right thought can bring the rays of development in our war-torn society. The old mentality should  no longer work that drowns the country under debt, corruption and again cause the rise for new civil war. Everyone should be insured protection, rights and the norms of democracy should be well-respected.

If we have strong and determined government that loves its citizens, it will not take long time to finally bring the rays into our glorious land. As former president of United States of America, Mr. Jimmy Carter, said, “I am not surprised that a governmental organization could build the great pyramid in just 20 years.”