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Published:September 5th, 2007 03:06 EST
Obama = Change?

Obama = Change?

By Will Roberts

All I know is what I read on the Internet. One of the top Internet searches is for the name "Obama", IL politician. Now, if you have not had time to hear him talk... make time. From all outward appearances, he sounds honest, sincere and organized-- which is something the Democrats have not had in a while. A triple threat!

Just the other day, I was frustrated by the fact that politicians don’t answer questions-- they defend answers. Most politicians would not make good ballroom dancers. Mainly on account that the key to a good dance team is a person who can lead. Most politicians will work the street corners, do a little soft shoe or a song and dance, nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Obama, on the other hand, can move through almost anything with the style and grace of Gene Kelly. Watch out Dancing With the Stars!

I heard an interview with Mr. Obama and it was said that it might be too early to run for president, mainly because he does not have executive experience. In the political world, that means “we need a little more time to make you dishonest.”

We don’t need another executive in office; Enron’s Jeffrey Schilling got 24 years in prison for his executive experience. We would rather go for a NEW experience rather than just another BAD experience.

Mr. Obama is our Mr. Smith goes to Washington in 2008. He might not have the experience, but he does have passion and common sense (cents), which is all we can afford these days. Plus, I think folks are looking for a chance to be involved with their government and not just be innocent bystanders anymore.

Being that I’m from Illinois, I would like to see Obama in that spot; however, I am not holding this as my official bid, just a daydream right now. Just think, if everyone keeps on their game in Illinois, we could have the Cubs and Obama all the way! If it goes well, the Bears might even have a chance. But we would settle for a best 2 out of 3.