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Published:September 24th, 2007 10:24 EST
Ahmadinejad Dances With the Stars!

Ahmadinejad Dances With the Stars!

By Will Roberts

In the past two weeks we've seen a few of the most notable of performers in the news. Unfortunately, it has to do with the passing of the great voice Pavarotti and this weekend Marcel Marceau, the great silent actor or Mime. You know what they say… "Bad news comes in 3's". To fill this bill we'll need a dancer to round out this triple threat. Enter stage right President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "dancing" through an interview Sunday night on 60 minutes. What a show! Not that I ever thought that a politician from any other country would be different from ours, but I was amazed that he seemed to have our "political dodge ball" techniques down pat.
A long time a go I knew a gentleman that when you asked him a question he would answer back with a question, and then I was left to answer my own questions. That works if you are heading toward enlightenment, not as conflict resolution.

Anyhow, One thing that strikes me as odd was the fact that the lead stories in the papers for the last few days have been. "Should we give President Ahmadinejad a public forum?" "Should we let him speak to us?" Ironically, this comes from the same folks that have provided him with the largest audience of any other forum… "THE MEDIA". Colombia University gets few thousand and CBS gets a few million. Funny thing about the media though… if they don't get first crack at exposing something there must be something wrong with it.
 Do you think that folks object to that little political "pas de deux" (that there is a two person dance), not on your life…  the MEDIA grabbed this story and sold tickets to it.
Now then, the best two step in that interview last night came when they asked "What quality he liked in President Bush?" Now, in the theater they say that if someone compliments your performance by saying they liked your costumes you are in BIG trouble. In this case Bush was the "Emperor with no Clothes".
The big question that was goin' through my mind was… "Is there any value in Mr. Ahmadinejad's visit"? And my answer is YES, plan and simple YES (Side note) I would make for a lousy politician.
Now then, I, for one, CAN answer in one word answers like Yes or No, but when was the last time you heard a politician answer a question with one word? So my answer is yes, there might be value in his visit. Mainly to see if history repeats itself so we can learn from it.

I have always said look at the issues from both sides, not just your own. That way you can understand them better. You know that old adage… "Keep your enemies near you so you can watch their every move". I say we should give him a tour… Show him around, give him some of our homegrown hospitality. Let him ask the people some questions and get to know us. Set him straight on some of the messed up beliefs he may have about us. Remember this is the guy they say does not believe the Holocaust happened.
 What is my point you say, well... It was refreshing to hear someone outside our country talk about the issues. Before it was filtered though the far left or far right news-media.

I know that earlier last week I said "If he wants to see New York, send him a Post Card… But, I've changed my mind (I can do that ya know). If a politician changes his mind, it's called flip-flopping, if us normal folks change our minds, we're just, well, changing our minds. Facts change and so should we when needed.
People have a fascination with how a criminal mind works. Look at this visit as a lesson and nothing more. Ask some questions get some answers.   

My only fear about Mr. Ahmadinejad is that is he went to ground zero in it's present condition he might start rumors that we are building a parking garage. Maybe we should build something already. 1-866-381-Will (9455)

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