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Published:September 24th, 2007 05:36 EST
Kenyan Election Update

Kenyan Election Update

By Francis Karugah

After waiting for the longest time for the president to choose a party to run on during this year’s poll, the president disappointed many by choosing a coalition of parties that includes the current official opposition, the same opposition he won over in 2002.

Kenyan politics are getting hotter as the other two presidential aspirants in the race are because of a nasty split in their original party. (Although they had vowed to remain together through thick and thin) Among the presidents supporters in this years polls is the former president Mr. Daniel Arap Moi, although he is a Kenyan citizen and has a right to support whoever he wishes, many see this as buying insurance for himself and others to avoid prosecution for fleecing this poor nation of ours.

It has emerged that a United Kingdom company hired to trace looted cash had recommendations on how to get the cash back to the president but the president never acted. A Big blow to a president who rode into top power on the “Am going to fight corruption platform."

Away from the president, the other presidential candidates are all over the country campaigning but they are neglecting their duties as members of parliament. Mr. Raila Odinga, who is running for president on an ODM ticket had the nerve to throw a barb at the president for a bill that was passed (The bill will give amnesty to looting crimes committed before the year 2003 rough!!!) in parliament while he was trotting the United States of America where was he was to offer his vote as an Mp to bring down the bill for a parliament with over 200 members.

The daily attendance of 20 or less Mps can only be termed as “pathetic” and worse, they will scream at the top of their lungs when a faulty bill is passed while they were trotting and still enjoying their over $10,000 monthly salary.


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