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Published:September 26th, 2007 08:21 EST
Forget Ron Paul, Here's how Dick Cheney does it

Forget Ron Paul, Here's how Dick Cheney does it

By SOP newswire

Here's how Dick Cheney does it. He travels the country with little or no media attention and raises millions of dollars at posh fundraisers to fund GOP attack ads. Next stop on the Cheney "Get a Pic with Dick" Tour: Las Vegas for a GOP fundraiser charging folks $2,500 a head for a photo with the seldom-seen Vice-President.

At least this time Dick is shooting pictures with his cronies instead of shooting them in the face.

Here's how you can fight back. Join tens of thousands of grassroots Democrats in our Matching Fund Campaign before the September 30th FEC deadline.

Contribute Today to Counteract Cheney's Cash and Your Gift Will Be Tripled By House Democrats

But, I don't just want you to send an online donation to help Democratic candidates. I want you to get in on the action down here in Washington and hear directly from my friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) about some of the targeted races across the country that will help to strengthen our Democratic Majority in Congress.

That's why, as a special thank you, the DCCC is going to pick 5 supporters who participate in our September 30th Matching Fund campaign and bring them to Democratic National Headquarters here in Washington, DC to get in on the action.

You can meet my good friends Chairman Chris Van Hollen and Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel and you even get to have lunch with me.

Make a Matching Gift donation now -- and sign up for a chance to be part of our Grassroots Strategy Session.

That's right if you're among the 5 DCCC supporters we pick for our Grassroots Strategy Session, your day will begin with my friend Rahm Emanuel and Chairman Chris Van Hollen who will lead a political briefing with top DCCC staff and outside experts.

Then, in the afternoon over lunch, you can talk with me and get my take on the 2008 Elections. Throughout the day, we'll make videos -- including a personal message from you -- so that you can report back to grassroots Democrats all across the nation.

Make a Matching Gift donation now -- and sign up for a chance to be part of our Grassroots Strategy Session.

We're at a key moment. We have the chance to strengthen our Democratic Majority in Congress and put a Democrat in the White House. Our September 30 deadline is coming up fast. And our candidates have the political wind at their back.

Donate now so that we have all the resources we need to promise we'll help pull them through to victory.


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