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Published:October 3rd, 2007 08:23 EST
Freedom to SPEAK:  Political Opinionist's, Leave a Message after the Beep

Freedom to SPEAK: Political Opinionist's, Leave a Message after the Beep

By Will Roberts

(Transcription of podcast)

Welcome to the Voice BLOG, at the tone, leave your opinion. (Beep)
All right, so it's come to my attention that folks are wanting to exercise their freedom of speech. They want to express their own opinions (as long as they don't get the same sort of welcome as Mr. Ahmadinejad got last week). For that reason, I'm going to open the lines of communication with my Monday story. Every Monday I will make my normal comments on something in the news.  Then I will give you a toll free number for you to call and give your much-needed opinion. On Thursday, I will close down, and on Fridays, I will post the same story with some new comments and 5 to10 of the top responses from the Voice BLOG. I call this "The Freedom to speak"! And it really is free.
Ok, here we go now… Campaign spending; Now, as you may or may not know I always say, "All I know is what little I read on the Internet", well this week I have changed it to "All I know is what I read in my emails". And that being said I have come to these conclusions:


1. I have a large sum of money waiting for me, somewhere is Nigeria.
2. A large mortgage.
3. A way to make my male EGO as large as I want
4. Godzilla had no problem getting a date. (I deleted that one).
5. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… (Among hundreds of others).


However, in the midst of all these self-help emails I saw this one; "We sure could use your help" well me being the philanthropist (???) that I am I opened it. It was an email from Michelle Obama
She was giving me the rundown of Barack's next stop. It went on to say that they were at a "stop" because of a lack of money. Now, I can understand a politician at a stand still because of a lack of common CENTS, but lack of dollars? Hmmm… I read somewhere that IF you want to run for President of these United States you now must to have at least a hundred million to sustain a good campaign, anything more just reassures you would get higher priced voters. A hundred million dollars… talk about a bad business venture. That's a hundred million per 8 to 10 candidates on each side. Then, only two get to the final draft pick. And then… only ONE wins. The next four years is when the real gambling comes in. And they call them the hopefuls.  The big question is: "Where is all the money going?" I would like to see politicians having to show the public their P&L's (a P&L is a profit and lost statement, it tells you what you're spending and what's left over). Any "good" business has one, but maybe that's the problem… "Good" politics seems to be an oxy moron.
Maybe I'm wrong in assuming this but wouldn't you think that our hopefuls would get extra stuff while out on the campaign trail? Ya know, like rooms, food. How could they be running out? Tell a small businessperson that you have a hundred million dollars to start a company and I bet they MIGHT just have a little success within that business. I'm not sure but I THINK money management MIGHT be a key component of running our government. Now then, John Edwards seems to have the right idea… he just went to the government for the money. I think that it should be considered a student loan for Mr. Edwards (with the same interest rates to pay it off). It baffles me how they could be running' out of money. Shucks, most folks that work for politicians donate their time. Heck, that means they do it for FREE. They all talk about grass roots this and grass roots that… now, if I had that kinda money I'd have an awful nice lawn.
Now here's a thought… I have a lawn they could stand on, and they can stand there for FREE. I think that campaign spending has gotten out of hand looking' for those deep pockets. Ok, enough of my jawing, here's my plan.
This seasons crop of politicians are all saying they're having a problem getting to all their campaign stops what with travel and all and gas prices (which most of 'em created).  It's simple… walk, bus, or better yet carpool. Can you imagine how well they would get to know the voters (and visa versa) and get some insight? They might even make a few friends. And THAT for a politician is PRICELESS.
Here's a new idea… Maybe all the democrats can take one bus and all the republicans another. That way they can travel around the campaign trail with each other. Now that is something the American voters would pay top dollar for. It could be like the "Political Smack Down 2008". Like a reality show… "Real World Washington". That way, at the end of it all the American public would be able to vote them off if we don't like them.
Ok, that's it, now it's your turn… call 1-866-381-Will (9455) and give me your audio BLOG. Leave me comments of what you think about this issue, Jump up on the soapbox (just try to keep it to 30 seconds or less and NO swearing, this ain't 1880). We'll see you on Friday. Also, go to my web site... Call 1-866-381-Will (9455)

With over 25 year of theatrical experience you won't soon forget this show or Will's magic that he brings to your event.

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