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Published:October 4th, 2007 06:16 EST
Heroes Wanted - Apply Within

Heroes Wanted - Apply Within

By Will Roberts

Real heroes don’t get big paychecks
Now throughout the years I have strived to have good heroes.  See, when I was a kid it was a given that everyone had someone to look up too. When I got older, it became important to have a mentor, someone that guided you even though they might not be around you all the time.
Then today, as I was reading the news : today’s headline: NEW YORK (AP) — A jury ruled Tuesday that New York Knicks Coach Isaiah Thomas sexually harassed a top team executive.

Then it hit me.   Heroes are not as important as they use to be, they are not growing on trees. There was a time where you could just name off a bunch of heroes and some of them were still living. It is more of a struggle now a days to find that person. Knowing how hard this is, I THINK I might have a method to help you find a modern day hero.
First things first:

If you make more than several million dollars a month at what you do and you don’t put it back into the system you probably don’t qualify. Sports heroes are a dying breed and now they are a living greed. If they stand out now, it is not because we look up at them, but rather that we look down at what they are doing wrong.

We have got Patriots who cheat, Quarter backs who don’t throw their dogs a bone rather throw them into the ring, ex football players who have added murder and armed robbery to there play book.

We cannot call our solders heroes unless they die, mainly on a count of we cannot justify the cause. If you are for the war, you’re for the reason, if you not for the war you’re not with us.  I am truly confused. As a kid, I had a G I Joe, now they have rap and bling bling.
Hollywood use to have Jimmy Stewart, boy don’t you wish he was running in 2008, he was able to leap a small building with a single bound, now Hollywood can barley stand up to pass a sobriety test. The only amazing thing about Hollywood folks now, is that they skilled at avoiding convictions.
Great inventors: like Bell, Franklin, Pastue, now we have: Viagra, Ginsue knives, and LINT be gone.
It used to be, to be a hero, you just worked hard and you were selfless. NOW it just takes good marketing.
Gone are the days of true heroes, or is it?
Today, back in 1998 Gene Autry died, a great American silver screen legend cowboy... go to this web site and see if the cowboy code he has laid out fits with what you consider to be a hero.
By the way, I don’t think that heroes are gone, just more normal they use to be. When I was growing up, I had a hero that moved mountains, stopped time and to this day I STILL want to be like him... and that is my UNCLE BOB … he was a truck driver who worked hard, always had a good joke to tell me and if I were misbehaving he would give me a knuckle sandwich. Until I said …UNCLE … Maybe, he was marketing me the whole time.
Be a hero to someone... it may not pay that well but the return on your investment is amazing.


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