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Published:May 5th, 2010 10:11 EST
Judith (Judyth) of Turkish inelegant agency (MIT)

Judith (Judyth) of Turkish inelegant agency (MIT)

By SOP newswire2


It is now clear that what ever said about Turkish abuse of "anti-terrorism" laws is true. turkey banned any books, movies, and television and radio programs that discuss Kurdish nationalism, and government police have arrested thousands who signed petitions supporting the teaching of Kurdish in public schools. The government even shut down a television station in one major city in the southeast for playing Kurdish songs.
The author of  Judyth Please Listen ", who himself seems to be a Judith of Turkish inelegant agency (MIT). was quick to accused me and Anthony DiMaggio (who is not even a Kurd) of been members of the PKK labelled us as terrorists. If we were in Turkey they would have sentenced us to life imprisonment (if we were a high profile person) or would have faced "mystery killings" like the thousands of Kurdish civilians via official support of government-associated death squads "
You keep talking about Turkish parliament, everyone who is a bid familiar with Turkish political system would understand that only parties who have military blessing can enter parliament. DTP (it does not refer to word Kurd in its name or program unlike Kurdish parties of Iraqi or Iranian Kurdistan) DTP IS only allowed in parliament to show to the world that turkey has democracy.
Turkish election is far from been a fair election and Turkish democracy is no more than a window dressing exercise. Turkey democracy is only for people who believe in Kamalism. Kamalisim is the idea and believes of Kamal Attaturk and its believers does not recognise Kurds and call them mountain Turks ". Any political party or individual that does not believe in Kamalisim will not get a military blessing hence not be allowed to operate legally. No wonder there is no a legal political party in Turkey that call itself a Kurdistani party like those in Iraqi or Iranian Kurdistan!!!!
The examples of Turkish parliament are similar to those of Sadam Hussan when he used to won 99% of Iraqi votes.
If Turkey`s democracy was perfect as you claim. EU would not have used it as an excuse to hold turkey back from entering the block.
Furthermore in its recent bombing of Iraqi Kurdistan Turkey has killed 5 civilians and destroyed schools, bridges and hospitals in Iraqi Kurdistan and created 1,800 Refugees (see the link) in the only stable part of Iraq that was home to refugees from all other volatile regions of iraq. This was again denied by Turkish military and government sources. The question is it UN or Turkish military - government is a lire?

Dario Rax