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Published:January 11th, 2008 02:33 EST
Two Reflections about Russian Elections - I voted twice

Two Reflections about Russian Elections - I voted twice

By Maria Ardysheva

Reflection #1
One person " one choice

Something like a week ago we had elections of the Lower Chamber of parliament. We could make a choice and have influence on the future. The choice about the future of our country for next four years.

I did my choice twice that day. I made those elections illegal. But anyway, nobody will talk about that. Never and to nobody. Why? Because nobody needs it. That`s cheaper to keep silence about different small violations, than to spend money for other legal elections. For each election, we pay taxes from our pocket, and I do not want to have to pay them again. But in spite of this, I made elections December 2nd illegal. Just for an experiment.

I`m living at a student`s hostel in a city where I`m studying. And the law is that I can vote at that electoral district where I have a registration. In this city, I have only a temporary registration, and a permanent one is at my own village. But the law is that I need to vote at my university`s city. If I would have wanted to vote at my village, I would need to take a unfasten list at an electoral district. I didn`t do that.

All I did was I took my passport and came to express my opinion at electoral district in my village where I`m from. And after that, I just decided to check if I could vote at another place. I came to my city and there I was in an electoral list again. And I voted again.

That was because of imperfection of our electoral system. I can`t coexist as two people, so I can`t have two voices. But December 2nd proved to me that I`m double.

Reflection #2
We need an opposition

Now everyone knows that leading by Mr. President political party United Russia " won the elections. They took more than 60% if places becoming parliament`s majority.

As I said above, I voted twice. And every single time I spoiled the voting-papers as a sign of protest. I think if I liked some parties that I could give them my voice, and if I don`t like anyone I could sign against all ". These elections I couldn`t write against all ", because the voting-papers don`t have this item anymore.

Not so long ago deputies thought that if you came to elections you have to choose a political party. If you don`t like anyone and want to vote against all ", you`d better stay at home and don`t spoil voting-papers. Because State needs only your affirmative answers.

I think that it`s not right because if I can`t choose the item against all " I can`t show my position. Yes, if I`ll stay at home on election`s day it will show my position in sort of. My passive one. But if I want to say loudly,  I don`t like my president, my government or my parliament ", I need to use that item just to show my active position.

That`s why I spoiled the voting-papers. I don`t want to stay at home watching this world pass me by ". But I also don`t like the parties we have now.

Now, we have only one strong political party " United Russia ", heading by V.V. Putin. I`m not against our President, government etc. I just don`t like this situation. It reminds me the times of communism in USSR, when all leaders must be members of Communist party.

Now it`s the same. The closer you want to be to authority, and then it`s necessary to be a member of United Russia ". But there is no real strong opposition for this party. That`s why I`m a bit scared because I don`t want to repeat the 70-years old-red-history.

But maybe we don`t need any democracy in Russia at all?