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Published:January 22nd, 2008 10:07 EST
Give me a break Mr. Bush! a TAX break, so I can pay my bills!

Give me a break Mr. Bush! a TAX break, so I can pay my bills!

By Will Roberts

Will Roberts – A Modern Day Will Rogers.

Political Humorist Will Roberts has enjoyed many successes in his career. From being a television host for Fox and CBS to gaining praise in many of his theatrical, film and television appearances, Roberts has always strived for one thing…perfection. But at heart… Will Roberts is a cowboy. It is his passion. He performs the preeminent tribute to Will Roger's…America's Cowboy. Just like Will, Roberts is an expert with a rope and one of the quickest wits with political humor and current events. Onstage Will Rogers comes to life, for many, for the first time. For others, it is like seeing an old friend who was "away" for a while. Will Roberts' show "The Good Will Tour" is very much like Will Rogers' show was in the vaudeville days (Ziegfeld Follies) minus the 50 show girls. He trick ropes and spins the daily events as he converses with the audience.

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