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Published:February 28th, 2008 09:28 EST
Hillary's 'First Question' Rage

Hillary's 'First Question' Rage

By John Lillpop


Pity poor Hillary Clinton.

Because she is unable to even slow the Obamamania pandemic that is plundering her once inevitability grip on the Democrat Party, the junior senator from New York has resorted to whining like a young girl who imagines that a grand conspiracy is in place to deny her what is her rightful share of twinkies, silly putty, or clean sand.

Looking haggard and severely strained, Hillary took the first debate question from moderator Tim Russert with all the grace and calm of a precocious five-year old who has just had her blond pig tails soaked in red, permanent ink by the kindergarten class bully.

"I am not sure why I am always asked the first question," Hillary cried in her most grating and "b****y" whine. (Hearing that whine repeatedly has helped explain, and perhaps justify, Slick Willie's wandering lust over the past 35 years!)

Without actually stating so, Clinton made it clear that this "First Question" assault was yet another Vast Right Wing conspiracy orchestrated by Republicans, similar to their scandalous accusations in the matter involving William Jefferson Clinton and Monica Lewinksy a decade ago.

Which brings up an interesting question that Hillary should be asked if she is ever again in a nationally televised debate. Namely, do you, Mrs. Clinton wish to apologize to those in that Vast Right Wing conspiracy who, as it turns out, where spot on with regard to your husband's infidelity in the Oval Office?

But back to the main issue. Being asked the first question should be a compliment to one who fancies herself as a " Ready to Go" World Class Genius. It confers special recognition and respect to the candidate for her experience and stature, to say nothing of her sixty plus years!

Once Obama clinches the nomination in March, Hillary should undertake a "Lessons Learned" therapy project to learn why her bid failed.

Hint, hint, Hillary: Disapproval ratings near 50 percent, and relying on a lying and adulterous husband as your primary supporte are far