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Published:March 14th, 2008 13:52 EST
Praying for Silda and the Three Spitzer Daughters

Praying for Silda and the Three Spitzer Daughters

By John Lillpop

Eliot Spitzer will soon be evicted from the New York state governor's mansion to begin the rest of his life in shame and humiliation. May the eternal flames of hell consume this evil monster with all the wrath and pain that can be inflicted by Satan and his legions of fallen angels.

While Eliot Spitzer's charred remains are destined to smolder forever and ever, may a good and gracious God take special care of Silda Spitzer, the most aggrieved victim of Spitzer's ego mania, arrogance, selfishness, and incredible stupidity.

For enduring the pain she has suffered just this week alone, Silda deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor, if such an award is granted for having one's heart broken and life destroyed by a despicable scumbag on national television.

May the same good and gracious God also protect and keep Silda's three daughters, all of whom must be devastated, shocked, and bitterly disappointed by the immoral and criminal behavior of their father.

To the four Spitzer ladies, please know that America weeps with you and prays that very soon  "This too shall pass",  God willing.