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Published:March 15th, 2008 05:21 EST
Hillary Clinton Can Win Only By Overturning Will Of The People

Hillary Clinton Can Win Only By Overturning Will Of The People

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Barack Obama represents a movement, a broad coalition of new voters, young people and intellectuals who are sick and tired of the status quo and are desperate for change. If Obama wins he will usher in a new era of change and transparency in government.

Sen. Hillary Clinton doesn't represent a movement, political party or ideology -- she represents only herself. If Hillary wins it will be victory for the status quo, just another chapter in the Clinton dynasty.

Obama made his national debut at the right time; Americans are sick and tired of the Bush and Clinton dynasties and they are ready for a change.

Clinton is a 60-something woman -- her brand of feminism resonates only with elderly women. Time has passed her by, she is as out of fashion as her pants suits.

I agree with the following argument made by Jonas Kane:

"Even Mitt Romney knew.

The man who would say anything (see "double Guantanamo") realized it was best to say no more. His continued presence, he realized, would do nothing but hinder the transition of opponent John McCain into the Republican presidential nomination.

And now And now Hillary Clinton stands confronted with a similar predicament: How does she face admitting that the campaign to which she has dedicated her past year, the campaign that she was probably told she would easily win, is now merely a faded pipe dream?

Romney, for all the horrors born of his campaign, handled the decision with grace. John Edwards also chose to bow out and let his issues live on - which they have - rather than play the role of kingmaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton cannot win the nomination through pledged delegates - the ones selected by the people - and would need a radical shift in support among unpledged delegates, coinciding with the seating of delegates from the unsanctioned primaries in Michigan and Florida, in order to win. To be blunt, she can only win if the process were to somehow overturn the will of the people."


If Hillary cared about democracy and the Democratic Party, she would quit the race while she still has a modicum of dignity. But the former First Lady has proven by her "kitchen sink strategy" that she is willing and able to bring down Obama and the Democratic Party in her insatiable need for power.

Hillary will woo pledged and unpledged delegates, dance with the devil, unleash surrogates to do her dirty work, distort Obama's words and record -- in short she will do anything to win.

Sorry to disappoint you Jonas, but Hillary sees nothing wrong with subverting the will of the American public. It's not democracy, ethics or the rule of law that she cares about, it's all about winning at any cost.