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Published:March 17th, 2008 07:29 EST
Smart Goggles: Perfect For Bill Clinton; Not Good Idea For Hillary Clinton

Smart Goggles: Perfect For Bill Clinton; Not Good Idea For Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Japanese scientists have invented a pair of intelligent glasses that remembers where people last saw their keys, handbag, iPod or mobile phone.

The spectacles - which come with a built in camera, display screen and computer brain - can even identify unfamiliar plants or faces.

In fact, the only thing it can't help you find are your glasses."

Quotation from the DailyMall.Com

I don't care if these intelligent glasses make me look like a nerdy android -- as soon as they hit the market I'm buying a pair.

I have been known to look for my car keys while I am clutching them in my hand and to search for my glasses while they sit on top of my bald pate.

Smart Goggles are a lifesaver not only for absent-minded folks like me, but for playboys like Bill Clinton. Slick Willy better not take off his Smart Goggles while he is romancing his latest bimbo, or he might cry out the wrong name in the heat of passion.

But I would advise Hillary not to don a pair, she's already very scary looking. If the Ice Queen stared into the camera wearing a pair of glasses with a built in camera and a display screen it wouldn't be only Obama supporters who think she looks like a monster.

According to the Daily Mall article the "glasses are connected to a small, but smart computer processor worn on the back which can learn to recognise shapes very quickly." President George Bush should immediately buy a pair of these miracle glasses, I'm sure the goggles' computer processor is more powerful than Bush's brain.

Smart Goggles will be a hit if they are sold in designer colors and endorsed by celebrity twits like Paris Hilton. The Japanese may be experts in high tech, but they don't know jack about marketing. In the American market "Smart Goggles" should be sold as "Cool Shades." Nerds wear goggles; hipsters wear shades.