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Published:March 22nd, 2008 06:04 EST
Hillary Clinton Secretly Using Rev. Wright Scandal To Woo Superdelegates

Hillary Clinton Secretly Using Rev. Wright Scandal To Woo Superdelegates

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Barack Obama has an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates and a comfortable lead in the popular vote; if common sense and fair play prevails he will be the Democratic nominee for president.

But we can't rule out a scenario where Hillary steals the election by hook or by crook. The Clintons are bound and determined to win, even if it means that democracy and the Democratic party loses.

We have already witnessed the spectacle of the Clintons brazenly playing the race card. The injection of race into the presidential campaign backfired, African Americans turned against Hillary. In the early contests Obama and Clinton were splitting the black vote, but after a concerted effort of race-baiting by Clinton surrogates Obama is now garnering about 90% of the black vote.

The Clintons learned their lesson and now they don't openly engage in racial politics. They've had little to say about the Rev. Wright controversy, they haven't publicly used the scandal for political gain.

The operative words in my last paragraph are "openly" and "publicly". The Clintons haven't stopped playing the race card, secretly they are using the Rev. Wright flap to woo superdelegates.

"While most of Hillary Clinton's backers have refused to say anything publicly about Barack Obama's relationship with his fiery former pastor, privately top advisers have reportedly 'spent recent days making the case to wavering superdelegates that Mr. Obama's association with Mr. Wright would doom their party in the general election.'

That report was carried in the closing paragraphs of a New York Times story today. The Clinton camp refuses to either confirm or deny it."

Quotation from FoxNews.Com

Hillary can't point to her integrity, character, or good judgement to appeal to uncommitted superdelegates -- she isn't known for those traits. The only way Hillary can win is not by polishing her image (mission impossible), but by tarnishing the reputation of her opponent.

I urge the voters in the remaining primaries to reject race-baiting by voting for Obama. Hopefully the superdelegates will not overturn the will of the electorate by voting for Hillary Clinton.