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Published:May 16th, 2008 06:19 EST
Wake-Up Call: Average Price Of Gas $4 In Alaska

Wake-Up Call: Average Price Of Gas $4 In Alaska

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Alaska rose above $4 a gallon Wednesday, making it the first state in the nation to pass that mark."

Quotation from the Anchorage Daily News

There are several other states that are also nearing that mark:

"Fuel prices hit $4.02 in Alaska Thursday and Hawaii was not too far behind, setting a new record at $3.91.

Fuel prices are higher than Hawaii's in six other states, including Alaska: California, $3.95; Connecticut, $3.99; Illinois, $3.95; Michigan, $3.92; New York, $3.94."

Quotation from Pacific Business News

This is the type of headline that grabs our attention; just a few years ago we thought that only under apocalyptic conditions would we see the price of gas so high.

It's frightening that gas has skyrocketed without the benefit of a spectacular event like a hurricane that devastates the Gulf Coast or an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear installations.

I don't even want to imagine how high gas will climb if such a horrific event takes place; we will have to take out a loan to fill-up our car.

Four dollar gas: This is a milestone, an omen and a wake-up call. We need to get serious about lessening our dependence on foreign oil. We all know the remedies by heart: Lower the speed limit, stop buying gas-guzzling SUV's, take public transportation, tax RV's, purchase a motorcycle, buy a hybrid, explore alternative sources of energy, force the auto manufactures to produce more energy-efficient cars...

It's ironic that this milestone was reached in Alaska, a state with untapped huge reservoirs of oil. Maybe it's time to say "To hell with the pristine Alaskan wilderness", let's drill through the head of a caribou if necessary to reach that precious oil?

I'm an environmentalist, but if the price of gas keeps climbing through the roof, I won't be able to make ends meet. I'm ready to accept a solution that's not eco-friendly.

Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, the presumptive presidential nominees need to address the important topic of energy conservation. The media can help in this regard, but not fixating on non-issues like the Rev. Wright flap. They should demand that Obama and McCain explain how they intend to deal with the energy crisis.

Four bucks for a gallon of gas: I hope this frightening reality has been a wake-up call not just for me, but for every American.