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Published:May 21st, 2008 16:34 EST
Columbo Would Not Have Let China Get Away Opressing People Of Tibet

Columbo Would Not Have Let China Get Away Opressing People Of Tibet

By Robert Paul Reyes

Detective Columbo, portrayed by Peter Falk, is one of my favorite TV characters. The scruffy looking, seemingly slow-witted detective always solved his cases, because he was as tenacious and relentless as a Pit Bull.

I loved watching Columbo interview a suspect, he would pepper the suspect with seemingly irrelevant questions. Columbo would often turn as if to leave, and then he would turn around and say, "Just one more thing." Columbo's interview technique qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment, and should be outlawed by police departments.

Columbo hounded his hapless suspects until out of sheer frustration and a desire never to see the detective again, they confessed to every crime under the sun.

All of the presidential candidates and President George W. Bush have issued press releases and made statements denouncing the oppression of Tibet by China.

But they quickly moved on to other issues, the oppressed population of Tibet needs more than lip service from American politicians.

Is there an American statesman with the intelligence and tenacity of Columbo? When George Bush meets with the Chinese government officials for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games, he should imitate Columbo and hound them until they agree to ease their iron grip on Tibet