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Published:May 28th, 2008 16:25 EST
Scott McClellan Rips George W. Bush Apart In His New Book

Scott McClellan Rips George W. Bush Apart In His New Book

By Robert Paul Reyes

There's a hot new book that denounces the George W. Bush administration in scathing terms, it claims that the president was "not open and forthright" about the war and that the administration was relying on "propaganda" and "manipulating" public opinion in the run-up to the disastrous war.

Many books have been published laying bare the mendacity, duplicity and incompetence of the Bush regime, what makes this work unique is that it was written not by a liberal, but by a former Dubya loyalist.

In the book, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception," former press secretary Scott McClellan rips apart the Bush administration.

McClellan, who has been an intimate of Bush dating back to the president's tenure as governor of Texas, is representative of the ineffectual cronies that Bush appoints to positions of power and influence.

When presiding over a press briefing McClellan had the look of a deer caught in a headlight, and all the confidence of the shy kid in class who is forced to stand up an answer a question by his teacher.

McClellan, who isn't qualified to be Mike Gravel's press secretary, is the last Bush loyalist that I expected to turn against the Bush administration. McClellan owes everything to Bush, left to his own devices he doesn't have the wherewithal to be promoted from Wal-Mart greeter to stock boy.

But McClellan doesn't deserve any credit for finally telling the truth. Once McClellan realized that his hapless commander-in-chief was relying on lies, manufactured intelligence reports and propaganda to justify the Iraq war, he should have immediately resigned and openly spoke out against the war.

McClellan's revealing look at the Bush White House is bad news for Sen. John McCain. The senator from Illinois may have more experience than Methuselah, but he doesn't have the good judgement of King Solomon or Barack Obama. John McCain supported the invasion of Iraq, Barack Obama was against the war from the start.

A McCain presidency would mean a third Bush term, we can't afford to elect a candidate who wants to keep our troops in Iraq for the next hundred years. Obama realizes that it was a mistake to go to war, and he is committed to bringing our warriors home as soon as possible.