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Published:June 5th, 2008 18:46 EST
Hillary Clinton Finally Speaks Out Against Campaign To Name Her VP

Hillary Clinton Finally Speaks Out Against Campaign To Name Her VP

By Robert Paul Reyes

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, his most important task in the immediate horizon is choosing a running- mate.

The vetting process for selecting a Veep takes time, and Obama shouldn`t be forced into a shotgun marriage. The senator from Illinois must choose an individual who will be a good fit politically as well as personally.

Obama has already started the process of selecting a vice-president:

"Obama`s campaign announced the vetting of potential running mates was to be managed by a three-person team of one-time first daughter Caroline Kennedy, former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Washington insider Jim Johnson."

Quotation from the Associated Press/Nedra Pickler

Senator Hillary Clinton`s fans are devastated that their heroine fell short of the nomination, and now as a consolation prize they are demanding that Obama choose Hillary as his running mate.

Turn on any of the cable news networks and you will see scores of Hilary`s surrogates pleading on behalf of their queen. This spectacle is unseemly and belittles what Clinton has accomplished in her historic campaign.

A politician should never lobby for the vice presidency, that`s as crazy as a beauty queen lobbying for the Miss Congeniality award. Hillary Clinton wasn`t entitled to the Democratic presidential nomination, and she`s not entitled to the vice-presidency.

Hillary has finally disavowed the campaign by her fervent fans to bully Obama into choosing her as running-mate:

"Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today disavowed a campaign by some of her supporters to pressure Senator Barack Obama into choosing her as a running-mate, saying they were acting on their own and the decision on whom to pick was "Senator Obama`s and his alone.

The statement from Mrs. Clinton campaign came after two days in which a number of her key supporters had pressed the idea of picking her as a running-mate, saying that such a match-up was key to salving wounds in the Democratic Party and to assuring a Democratic victory in the fall. And Mrs. Clinton had made no obvious effort to discourage it, telling New York lawmakers, in a private conference call earlier this week, that she was open to serving as Mr. Obama`s running-mate."

Quotation from The New York Times

Hillary`s statement is a welcome development, I hope all this hoopla about whom Obama will choose will die down. If Obama`s three-person team recommends Hillary, and he agrees that she could help him win the general election, then his desire to beat McCain might overcome the animosity of a long and bitter battle for the Democratic nomination.