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Published:June 10th, 2008 20:55 EST
As Hillary Sits at Home Pondering...Should She Dump Bill Clinton?

As Hillary Sits at Home Pondering...Should She Dump Bill Clinton?

By Robert Paul Reyes

A few months ago Hillary Clinton was flush with cash and optimism. How could Hillary lose with the backing of the Democratic establishment, and the help of Bill Clinton?

We all know the rest of the story: Hillary lost the election to a neophyte and her greatest asset (Bill Clinton) turned out to be her biggest liability.

Bill Clinton is often touted as the smartest politician in recent history, but in the 2008 presidential campaign he failed to read the hunger of the electorate for change; he blundered in not taking the insurgent candidacy of Obama seriously; he single-handedly lost the black vote with his race-baiting, and his finger pointing tantrums at the press distracted from Hillary`s message.

Bill failed to recognize that with his blotchy face and his snow-white hair, he can no longer rely on charm alone to win over the masses. A handsome face can cover a multitude of sins, and in his prime the loveable rouge was able to survive and indeed thrive after suffering the shame of impeachment.

The cool Bill Clinton who won votes and swayed hearts when he played the saxophone in the Arsenio Hall show is so 1990`s, the Bill Clinton of this decade is likely to be asked by an MTV reporter if he wears briefs, boxers or Depends.

As Hillary sits at home licking her wounds and pondering her $30 million campaign debt, will she decide that it`s time to divorce Bill? Their "marriage of convenience" is no longer convenient for either one of them. They live in separate households and rarely see each other, is it time for Hillary to finally end the charade and split from her hubby?

Divorcing Bill would be the right thing for Hillary to do, if she runs again for president, she needs to prove that she is no longer hanging on to the DNA-stained coattails of her husband.

Bill Clinton has a teensy wit of charm left, enough for me to feel a little bit of pity for him. He`s severely damaged his legacy and he`s in the doghouse with Hillary.

The Clinton dynasty is over, the Clintons need to go their separate ways: Hillary can bide her time in the senate, and Bill can spend the rest of his days trying to repair his legacy.