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Published:June 12th, 2008 19:48 EST
The Obamas' Terrorist Fist Jab?

The Obamas' Terrorist Fist Jab?

By Robert Paul Reyes

When Sen. Barack Obama and his wife did a "fist bump" before the senator delivered his victory speech, I thought it was a refreshing and unique gesture.

I`ve seen kids of all races greet each other with a fist bump, and this symbol of youthful exuberance never fails to bring a smile to my face.

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a psychologist to know that a fist bump is simply a form of greeting, no different from a handshake.

I suspect there are some residents at an asylum who might interpret it as the way extraterrestrials acknowledge each other, but most Americans don`t suspect anything sinister.

E.D Hill of Fox News isn`t a rocket scientist, nor does she live in a mental institution (as far as I know), but she had a unique (crazy?) perspective on the Obamas` fist bump.

"During a discussion of political body language, E.D. Hill made the statement regarding the `bump` in introducing the upcoming segment: `A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently. We`ll show you some interesting body communication and find out what it really says.` As noted by Media Matters For America, this reference to the "terrorist fist jab" was not mentioned in the actual conversation between Hill and "body language expert" Janine Driver, who said that this gesture represented a `connection` between the two individuals."

Quotation from NewsHounds.US

Terrorist fist jab? Fox News left that out-of-left-field remark hanging out there, more ammunition for the right-wing attempt to portray Obama as a Muslim.

If Obama is ever interviewed by Hill, he should point his finger at her and say, "Shame on you!"  But then she would probably interpret that as "the terrorist finger of death."