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Published:June 16th, 2008 09:44 EST
John McCain's "Love Affair" With Hillary Clinton

John McCain's "Love Affair" With Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton may have multitudes of middle-aged female admirers, but she has significantly less male fans. Guys are put off by her screechy voice, pathological lying, death stare, dowdy pantsuits, hellacious temper, ruthless ambition, crocodile tears, and killer cackle. But Hillary has a 71-year-old male suitor who fawns all over her, and showers her with superlatives.

I`m referring to John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who is desperate to capture the hearts of Hillary`s legions of disappointed and angry female voters. McCain never misses an opportunity to compliment Hillary on everything from her grit and determination to her accomplishments and successes. After Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, McCain dismissed Obama`s historic victory with one line, and spent a good five minutes praising Hillary Clinton`s losing effort.

This is the same John McCain who told the following crude and mean joke when Chelsea Clinton was only 17:

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.

This is the same John McCain who is an adamant enemy of abortion rights, and voted to terminate a family-planning program that provides breast-cancer screenings.

This is the same John McCain who is against national health care, it`s women and children who suffer the most from the lack of affordable health care.

If Hillary Clinton has a shred of dignity and if she really wants Obama to win, she must publicly rebuff and rebuke McCain`s flirtations.

The women who voted for Hillary aren`t fooled by McCain`s wooing of their heroine, Obama has a huge lead among female voters.

McCain is succeeding only in making a spectacle of himself, if Mother Teresa were still alive would he whisper "sweet nothings" in her ear to capture the Catholic vote?