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Published:July 14th, 2008 18:41 EST
John McCain Doesn't Know How To Go Online And He's Never Sent An Email

John McCain Doesn't Know How To Go Online And He's Never Sent An Email

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Internet is one of the most important inventions in history; it has impacted every aspect of society. This is the Wired Generation, and a person who isn`t hooked up to the Matrix is inconsequential.

John McCain Doesn't Know How To Go Online

Life without the Internet is not worth living; I can`t imagine making do without it. John McCain has no problem living without the Internet, he may not even know how to log on to a computer.

"Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, has admitted that he never uses email and that his staff has to show him websites because he is only just `learning to get online myself.`

When asked if he went online himself, the Arizona senator responded: "They go on for me. I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself."

Quotation from Telegraph.Co.UK

The man who yearns to be Leader of the Free World doesn`t have the intellectual wherewithal to get online, his staffers have to do it for him. This sad state of affairs clearly illustrates that time has passed McCain by. I`m sorry but McCain is too damned old to be president.

You can`t prosper or get ahead in life without being Internet-literate. In this world that moves at broadband speed, McCain hasn`t even achieved dial-up speed.

No wonder that Barack Obama, who is well versed in the Internet, is favored to win the general election. Obama successfully used the Internet to build a world-class fundraising machine, and to communicate with and inspire his followers.

I can`t imagine a president who doesn`t know how to use the Internet:

McCain: Romney, you`re my vice-president, do something useful and get on the Internet for me, I want to see what Drudge is saying about me. What`s taking so long, maybe if you feed the mouse some cheese it will move quicker.