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Published:July 19th, 2008 19:17 EST
George Bush: Contraception Same As Abortion

George Bush: Contraception Same As Abortion

By Robert Paul Reyes

George W. Bush has been an unmitigated disaster as commander-in-chief, he leaves his successor with a quagmire in Iraq and a steadily worsening situation in Afghanistan. I just hope he doesn`t entangle us with a war with Iran before he leaves office.

George W. BushBush made a mess out of our foreign policy playing general, now he`s going to make a mess out of women`s health playing Surgeon General. Bush is lobbying for a proposal that would equate some forms of contraception with abortion:

"Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., blasted a Bush administration proposal Friday that would change the definition of abortion and, she argues, limit women`s access to contraception.

The draft proposal written by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), which began circulating around Capitol Hill this week, would require hospitals receiving federal funds to hire medical personnel who oppose forms of contraception including birth control pills.

But Democratic critics including Clinton warn that the Bush administration changes would have `damaging` consequences on women`s ability to access birth control."

Quotation from ABC News/Matthew Jaffe

A medical practitioner has a right to a personal belief that it`s morally wrong to take birth control pills, but he shouldn`t have a right to refuse to dispense a morning-after pill to a woman who has been raped. Medical personnel shouldn`t let their religious beliefs interfere with providing patients with the medication they need.

Leading Democrats have spoken out against Bush`s proposal that would change the definition of abortion, but McCain has been silent on the issue. This is the same John McCain who was rendered silent when a reporter asked why many health insurance companies cover Viagra for men but not birth control for women.

John McCain should be anathema to anyone who cares about issues that impact women, but many angry Hillary supporters plan to sit out the general election or vote for John McCain. These women are so infatuated with Hillary, it smacks of a cult of personality.

If John McCain is elected president we will remain stuck in Iraq for a hundred years, and women`s rights will be set back a hundred years.