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Published:July 23rd, 2008 14:46 EST
Media Ignores  Lackluster John McCain Campaign

Media Ignores Lackluster John McCain Campaign

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In Manchester last night, there was just one reporter and one photographer waiting for McCain as his plane -- a white, blue and gold Beoing 737 emblazoned with his campaign slogan, "Reform, Prosperity, Peace", touched down on the Wiggings Airways tarmac."

Quotation from the Manchester Union Leader

As some wags have mentioned, McCain`s presidential campaign has all the excitement of PBS`s Antiques Road Show. The cable news networks would rather air video of grass growing, than cover a McCain campaign event.

No wonder McCain used the hapless Robert Novak to float a phony rumor that he`s on the verge of announcing his vice presidential selection. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I wouldn`t be surprised if McCain becomes a spokesperson for Viagra just to get some air time.

McCain should look at the bright side, his countless gaffes barely cause a ripple because of the lack of media coverage of his campaign. If McCain forgot to put on his pants and delivered a stump speech in his boxers, he might get away with it because there`s a good chance there would be no cameras to record the event.

McCain`s only hope is to choose a young and exciting running mate, I`d suggest someone like Jessica Alba.

While McCain is ignored in the United States, Barack Obama is getting the Rock Star/Messiah treatment as he tours the Middle East. I wouldn`t be surprised to see a headline like: Barack Obama walks on water!

There is absolutely no way that the moribund McCain can compete with the charisma of Obama, he`d better be looking for a retirement home in Florida.