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Published:August 11th, 2008 17:00 EST
John Edwards Should Immediately Take A Paternity Test

John Edwards Should Immediately Take A Paternity Test

By Robert Paul Reyes

"John Edwards ex-mistress Rielle Hunter says she won`t have a paternity test conducted on her daughter - not now, not ever.

`Rielle is a private individual. She is not running for public office. She wishes to maintain her privacy and her daughter`s privacy,` her lawyer, Robert Gordon, said in a statement Saturday. `Rielle will not participate in DNA testing or any other invasion of her or her daughter`s privacy now or in the future.`

John Edwards

Edwards likely obliterated his political career Friday by admitting he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, with Hunter, a videographer on his presidential campaign. But he insists he could not have fathered Hunter`s 5-month-old daughter, Frances, because the "short" fling ended in 2006."

Quotation from New York Daily News/Soo Youn and Celeste Katz

The talking heads on TV have critiqued John Edward`s deceit, hypocrisy and infidelity in very measured tones; leave it to us bloggers to tell it like it is: John Edwards is a scumbag.

Edwards did not do right by his wife and family, he had a fling while his spouse was battling cancer. Edwards tried to mitigate his treachery by saying that during the time he was having his affair his wife`s cancer was in remission. If a miracle occurs and his wife`s incurable cancer goes into remission again, will that give the creep the green light to have another affair?

Edwards abused his campaign staffers, at the very least he should have confessed his perfidy to his senior aides. They had a right to know about his secret life, so they could develop a strategy to deal with the scandal that was sure to be eventually uncovered.

Edwards betrayed his supporters, he made "family values" a big part of his message, his wife and children traveled on the campaign trail with him. As soon as Edwards wasn`t surrounded by cameras the "family values" went out the window, and he cavorted with his mistress in hotels.

Edwards treated his mistress with contempt, trying to excuse his infidelity by saying that he didn`t love her. How many times have scoundrels used that excuse: But Honey, I don`t love her! She doesn`t mean anything to me! Honey, I was wrong, but it was just sex!

Edwards betrayed his friends, family, staff members and supporters, but we shouldn`t let him get away with betraying his love child.

Edwards claims that his lover`s baby can`t be his because the affair ended in 2006. But Edwards is a chronic liar, during his presidential run several times he publicly denounced the National Enquirer`s allegations of infidelity as lies.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Edwards was caught by National Enquirer reporters meeting his mistress and love child at a hotel at three in the morning. The Breck Girl was so afraid that he hid in a restroom until security arrived and escorted him to his car.

Edwards should immediately take a paternity test, the innocent baby needs to know who she can call "daddy."

Mr. Edwards: Be a man! Be a father to your love child. You`ve been surreptitiously supporting your mistress and your love child financially. But your baby daughter needs your emotional support as well.