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Published:August 20th, 2008 11:52 EST
Hillary Clinton Takes Control Of Democratic Convention

Hillary Clinton Takes Control Of Democratic Convention

By Robert Paul Reyes

In an attempt to appease and mollify the Clintons, Sen. Barack Obama has practically handed over the control of the Democratic Convention to them. Hillary will have her roll call vote, and she and her husband will deliver prime time speeches.

The Clinton mafia has even secured language in the Democratic platform condemning the media for its "sexist" coverage of Hillary`s campaign. I know that only political junkies read the Democratic platform, but Obama should not have agreed to inserting such a blatant lie. Hillary lost because her campaign was a disorganized nest of snakes and sycophants, and not because of sexism in the media.

Clinton loyalists endlessly repeat that Obama must reach out to the 18 million who voted for Hillary during the primaries. Most of those 18 million are now solidly behind Obama; it`s only a few Hillary diehards who are still swooning over their queen.

These dead-enders are not blue-collar workers or the working poor, but middle-aged bitter women who saw Hillary as their last chance to see a woman in the White House before they croak. These dinosaur feminists don`t represent most women, or even most feminists. They are from the old school of feminism, and they are characterized by a hatred of men and a love for women. They wouldn`t consider voting for Obama unless he was castrated.

This cabal is willing to destroy the Democratic Party to demonstrate their inordinate affection for Hillary. The Hillary partisans have warned Obama not to choose a woman as his running mate, if it`s not their dearly beloved. This proves that there infatuation with Hillary takes preeminence over women`s rights.

Nothing short of naming Hillary as vice-president will satisfy them. Obama is set to announce his VP any day now, and I`m delighted that none of the speculation centers on Hillary.

The Democratic Party should be about hope and change, and not about a cult of personality. Obama has bent over backwards catering to Hillary and her surly husband. Stop the appeasement, Obama should write-off the Clinton diehards once and for all.