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Published:September 14th, 2008 20:43 EST
Ladies Of "The View" Grill John McCain

Ladies Of "The View" Grill John McCain

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. John McCain promised to run a clean and honorable campaign, but as his poll numbers tanked he resorted to gutter politics.

McCain, the so-called straight-talker, has run one of the dirtiest and meanest presidential campaigns in history. But most reporters and pundits have failed to ask him why he has resorted to bald-faced lies and misrepresentations in his stump speeches and political commercials. It`s only recently that a few fact-checking Internet based organizations have called into question McCain`s truthfulness and integrity.

Maybe McCain feels that his POW experience renders him untouchable, and entitles him to engage in slime ball politics.

Leave it to the ladies of "The View" to grill McCain, and publicly shame him for his despicable campaign tactics. NBC should hire Joy Behar to replace Tim Russert as moderator of "Meet the Press."

"It`s hard to imagine a more unlikely perch for John McCain to be shamed for his increasingly hard-edged and truth-stretching campaign than the middle seat on `The View.`

Yet on Friday morning, there sat the Republican nominee - a politician who has built an all but saintly reputation for `straight talk` over the years - caught in a vise between Joy Behar and Barbara Walters and getting a lecture from each on honesty.

`They`re lies,` Behar said of two recent lines of attack from the McCain campaign."

Jonathan Martin/Politico

I don`t know if McCain expected to trade recipes with the ladies from "The View", but they grilled him without mercy. They tore him a new one for his feigned outrage at Obama`s reference to "putting lipstick on a pig." McCain has used that expression himself several times, once in reference to Hillary Clinton`s health plan.

McCain`s attempt to bond with the ladies of "The View" exposed him as a hateful and bitter old man who doesn`t appeal to women, men or children.

McCain is a mean and grouchy old geezer who belongs in a retirement home. I can imagine him as president (God forbid) castigating reporters for stepping on the White House lawn.

I commend Walters, Goldberg and company, for doing such a fine job speaking truth to power. I hope a lot of reporters and pundits were watching, they could have learned a thing or two.