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Published:September 20th, 2008 00:13 EST
John McCain Doesn't Know Jack About Geography

John McCain Doesn't Know Jack About Geography

By Robert Paul Reyes

John McCain, who has a penchant for touting his foreign policy credentials, often gets tripped up when discussing foreign relations. Who can forget Sen. Lieberman whispering into McCain`s ears the difference between Sunnis and Shiites? Or how about the time McCain demonstrated his ignorance about which nations border Iraq?

But Wednesday McCain made a foreign policy gaffe that was mindblowing:

"Republican Presidential John McCain showed some confusion Wednesday night about the identity of the Prime Minister of Spain and exactly where that country of 40 million people is located.

In an interview with a Florida affiliate of Spain`s Union Radio, McCain was asked, if elected president, would he invite Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to the White House.

`I would be willing to meet with those leaders who are friends and want to work with us in a cooperative fashion,` McCain said. He then mentioned Mexican President Calderon, who he said `is fighting a very tough fight against the drug cartels.`

When the reporter repeated that he was talking about Spain, McCain responded: `I know the issues, I know the leaders.`

Asked again if he would invite Zapatero, McCain shot back:

`All I can tell you is that I have a clear record of working with leaders in the Hemisphere that are friends with us and standing up to those who are not and that`s judged on the basis of the importance of our relationship with Latin America and the entire region.`

US News and World Report

Does McCain believe that all Spanish speaking countries are located in South America? Did McCain suffer from another senior moment? Does McCain not know that Spain is a dependable ally, and one of the few nations that has sent troops to Afghanistan? Will an elderly and confused President McCain be easily manipulated by his advisers? Does McCain have a friggin` clue about anything?

Good judgement always trumps experience, what does it profit a person if he has a lot of experience but he doesn`t learn from his mistakes? Obama may not be as experienced as McCain but he had the wisdom and good judgement to oppose the Iraq war from the start.

Obama won`t have to consult Google Maps to find out what countries border Iraq, and he won`t have to log on to Wikipedia to find out the differences between Sunnis and Shiites.

The American public can`t afford to take a chance on McCain and Palin. The seemingly senile presidential candidate and his woefully unqualified VP would be a disaster in the White House.