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Published:October 19th, 2008 18:04 EST
John McCain

John McCain Clueless About Women's Issues

By Robert Paul Reyes

John McCain choose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, in part so he could portray himself as a politician who is sensitive to the needs of women. But his reckless and cynical move backfired, most Americans including most women regard Palin as a novice who is utterly unqualified to serve as vice-president.

John McCainAverage Americans aren`t fooled by McCain`s pandering to women, and neither are women`s organizations:

"IF Sarah Palin`s selection as John McCain`s running mate was designed to start a stampede of high-profile endorsements from heavy-hitting women`s groups, it has not worked.

But if it was intended to entice a bloc of white women voters into the Republican fold, it might be all systems go.

The leaders of six women`s groups stood together overnight to announce that they were backing Barack Obama in the US presidential election, saying Mrs Palin`s inclusion on the Republican ticket was not enough to win their approval.

One group, the National Organisation for Women, said it had not endorsed a White House candidate in nearly 25 years but was speaking out this time to highlight Senator McCain`s record on so-called women`s issues.",23599,24359423-401,00.html

The real McCain, who is clueless about the concerns of women, was revealed in the third and final presidential election.

"In Wednesday`s debate we saw vastly different attitudes toward women facing unwanted pregnancies.

John McCain made air quotes with his fingers as he said "health" of the mother, basically ridiculing the idea that a mother`s health should matter in an abortion decision. McCain then claimed, without evidence, that maternal health exceptions have been "stretched by the pro-abortion movement to America to mean almost anything." Really? I`ve heard this argued a hundred times. But where is the woman with the headache who aborted at eight months along?"

BostonHerald.Com/Margery Eagan

McCain`s infamous air quotes should be enough to convince women that McCain is a Neanderthal when it comes to women`s issues. McCain not only thinks women shouldn`t have control over their own bodies, he thinks a mother`s health shouldn`t play any part in an abortion decision. McCain thinks a real patriotic woman will tough it out and not opt for an abortion even if it means her death.

I beg all those who care about women`s rights not to vote for McCain/Palin. McCain will fill the Supreme Court with judges who will overturn Roe v Wade. If you believe in privacy and equality of men and women it`s imperative that you vote for Obama/Biden.