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Published:November 4th, 2008 08:47 EST
Kenyans Prepare for an Obama Victory

Kenyans Prepare for an Obama Victory

By Francis Karugah

As America votes, most Kenyans are tense; tense because the Democratic party candidate Barack Obama has ties to the country. His biological father was from the Kenyan village of Kogelo, Siaya. There, a new road is being built by the government as I write this. His family has asked the media to give them privacy until after the election. Back in the capital everyone from the media to the locals all are showing Obama mania. All the major papers have covered Barack Obama`s rise...oddly enough even the most balanced papers in the country give McCain at least a line or two, and, Obama more than six pages!

Watching the news yesterday I felt like I was on Obama network one of the most popular news show NTV tonight had its first 20 minutes dedicated to Obama even its opinion poll question was again on Obama. This morning, the radio shows were all about Obama even one host joked if Obama was to lose the election, Kenyans would throw stones across the Pacific to the states. It doesn`t stop there, pubs and eateries have Obama night today and the Carnivore restaurant,  one of the premier night spots in the country has slashed it`s beer prices by half and they have an election results party.

Tonight all free to air TV stations will be linked to CNN as the results trickle in ...even most of my Kenyan friends status updates on Facebook,  reflect the mood on the ground. Cant wait for tonight.