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Published:December 15th, 2008 15:55 EST
Iraqi Hero Hurls Shoes At George W. Bush

Iraqi Hero Hurls Shoes At George W. Bush

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Bush arrived in Iraq Sunday for one brief, final visit to the country his administration has irreparably changed.

Although grateful to the US for toppling Mr. Hussein, many Iraqis view the aftermath with scorn and dismiss the notion that the US came here in the name of democracy or to make the region safer.

That anger was on full display at Bush`s press conference with Mr. Maliki. An Iraqi reporter hurled both of his shoes at the president`s head - narrowly missing Bush - and shouted, `This is a farewell kiss, dog.`

The act is an Arab symbol of contempt, much like when Iraqis hit Hussein`s statue with their shoes after the US invasion." The Christian Science Monitor

President George W. Bush`s motives for invading Iraq weren`t pure and noble. Dubya went to war to seek revenge against Sadam Hussein, the dictator who attempted to kill his father. The illegal and unethical invasion and occupation of Iraq was the first step of the neo-con`s wet dream of achieving American hegemony in the Middle East. America was going to establish a Western-leaning democracy in Iraq, and then like falling dominos the rest of the Middle East countries would catch the democracy fever. We know how well that worked out...

Bush tried to grab one more moment of glory before his term expires, instead he was met with contempt by the Iraqis. The footage of a righteously angry Iraqi journalist hurling his shoes at the disgraced American president will live forever on YouTube.

Iraq`s illegitimate puppet government will fall as soon as the American troops leave, and the Iraqi population will quickly succumb to a totalitarian government, either military or Islamic.

Billions down the drain, thousands of American soldiers died in vain, and over a hundred thousand Iraqis slaughtered for nothing. That`s the George W. Bush legacy, when the hapless commander-in-chief returns to our country we should shower him with smelly old sneakers.