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Published:January 10th, 2009 13:33 EST
Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter: One Hot Babe With Genius!

By John Lillpop

Ann Coulter is that rare woman who has been blessed with sky-high intelligence, scathing wit, and striking beauty, all in one hot package. 

Best of all, Ann`s brilliant mind has not been reduced to mush in the gestapo of liberal dumbing down known as higher education.

Coulter is a top-notch media superstar whose brilliance comes from the conservative side of the universe, where truth and humor co-exist at the expense of leftist dunces.

Among her credentials is that fact that Ann can can incur the unanimous wrath of  leftist thugs like Matt Lauer and other goons at NBC without breaking a sweat or swearing. Such an intelligence deserves to be the object of wide national acclaim.

Perhaps an "Ann Coulter Holiday" is in order? Liberals who blanch at the idea can work for free that day.

Oh, if only our alleged Republican president and GOP weasels in Congress had one third of Ann`s commitment to conservative values, one-eighth her intelligence, and 10% of her fighting spirit, there might still be hope for the union.

Although, I confess, there are times when I wish Coulter would go even further.

For example, after 9/11 she wrote that America should invade Muslim nations, take over their governments, and convert them to Christianity.

That was truly brilliant! But why stop there?

Let`s add the DNC, mainstream media, and all blue states to the to-be-converted list. Baptise them in Jesus Love and watch the world suddenly change, for the better.

In my view, Coulter`s  most valuable public service occurs when she seduces lefties into public battle. There is no liberal alive who can match wits with the Blond Babe of the the Right.

America needs Ann Coulter, full strength, not decaff, nor Ann Lite.

After all, if We the People wanted wishy-washy, mindless pap we would simply read and listen to speeches given by RINOS like W.

Save us from all that, Ann: Please change nothing and just be yourself!