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Published:March 10th, 2009 11:50 EST
The Kwame Kilpatrick Story: The Final Chapter

The Kwame Kilpatrick Story: The Final Chapter

By Garrett Godwin

DETROIT: The story of corruption, lies, and fall from grace reaches its climax, as the courts ruled that the entire 800-plus text messages between former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty be made public.  The messages revealed sexually explicit banter between the two that reveals evidence of an extramarital affair.  However, both Kwame and Beatty testified and denied of an affair between them in a whistleblower case.  Yet, once the Detroit Free Press published the reduce version of the text messages last year, it was the scandal that rocked the Motor City personally and politically.

This led to Gary Brown being unjustly fired from his job as Deputy Chief of the Detroit Police Department in May 2003.  "If there`s one thing I learned [from all of this]," the 54-year-old spoke to criminal justice students and guests inside the Law School Auditorium at Wayne State University on February 18, "it is that values, character, and integrity are worth fighting for. If Kwame cooperated, then the behaviors of the police officers would`ve been handled differently. Police are to protect and serve, but who guards the guardians? Even in desperate economic times, communities need guardians. The Mayor needs to stay away from the police department; let the Chief run the department. If you don`t like the way things are going, then fire the Chief and hire a new one."

Kwame accepted a plea bargain, which includes the charges of perjury and obstructing justice.  He was sentenced to 120 days in jail but was recently released after serving 99.  Following his release, he has been offered a position of account executive for Covisint out in Texas, but the case is still pending on whether or not he can leave Michigan to join his family so he can start working in paying back the $1 million restitution; a decision will be made soon by a Wayne County circuit judge.  And as for Beatty, she`s currently serving a 120-day sentence in jail.  The entire text messages can be found online at WDIV 4 Detroit`s website at

"It was an assault on the justice system" prosecutor Kym Worthy said to The Detroit News Monday.  "It was a case about someone who taunted and tried to make a mockery of the people and the criminal justice system in that they testified in court about things they knew to be untrue to simply bring about their personal satisfactions."