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Published:April 12th, 2009 13:52 EST
White House Dog: It's Bo, A Portuguese Water Dog

White House Dog: It's Bo, A Portuguese Water Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It`s been one of the most enduring riddles of recent US politics but now the mystery is finally over: the Obamas have chosen their family pet.

The First Dog will be a six-month-old Portuguese water dog named Bo.

In what was one of the White House`s most tightly kept secrets, President Barack Obama`s daughters, 10-year-old Malia and seven-year-old Sasha, have settled on a black and white puppy, a White House source said.

The dog is expected to make his debut in public life on Tuesday." SkyNews.Com

I don`t remember this much drama and anticipation surrounding Obama`s selection of his running mate. I can`t wait for Bo`s public debut, I`ve seen a pic of him and he`s much cuter than Joe Biden. Regardless how much the puppy yaps, he won`t get into as much trouble as Biden when he runs his mouth.

With the economy in the dumpster, the senseless wars dragging on in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Pirates running amuck, this is exactly the kind of heartwarming story we need. Bo may be the White House dog, but he`s also America`s favorite pooch, and we can`t wait to read all about his adventures in the Obama household.

Obama can also use a respite from the pressures of being president, he must be enjoying the excitement surrounding his choice of Bo as the White House dog. Bo may be one of the few selections Obama has made that doesn`t have any tax problems.

There must be millions of Americans who have momentarily stopped searching for nude pics of Britney Spears, and started looking for images of Bo. The pup is really cute, Britney is a dog compared to him.

The dog is a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy who has several Portuguese water dogs.

I hope Bo brings much happiness to Obama`s young daughters, and I hope he brings us relief from the many problems facing this country.