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Published:June 29th, 2009 12:54 EST
Jenny Sanford: Great American And Woman Of Integrity

Jenny Sanford: Great American And Woman Of Integrity

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The S.C. General Assembly should take a page out of Jenny Sanford`s playbook.

If Gov. Mark Sanford doesn`t resign, the General Assembly should kick him out of the governor`s mansion for the same reasons his wife kicked him out of the family mansion.

He`s no longer fit to lead."

A politician commits adultery and his wife appears at his side at the press conference. While he wipes away tears and admits his mistake, she stand there in silent support. We have witnessed the pathetic episode countless times.

This time the philandering politician was South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. The family values Republican governor lied to his staff and dodged his security detail for a trip to Argentina to have sex with his mistress.

Nevermind where`s Waldo! Nobody, not even his family or the Lt. Governor, knew where the governor was hiding out. Nevermind the impropriety of spending Father`s Day with his lover instead of his four children, the governor should have let somebody know where he was in case of an emergency.

When Sanford held his tearful press conference his wife was not standing by his side. Jenny Sanford didn`t want to lend her silent support to her hypocritical husband. Sanford vehemently called for President Bill Clinton`s impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

When a reporter asked Jenny about the impact of the scandal on her husband`s career, she replied that she cared about her children`s welfare, and wasn`t concerned with her husband`s career.

Wow! All I can say is: You go girl! Jenny Sanford is a woman of integrity and a breath of fresh air. She kicked her lecherous husband out of the Governor`s Mansion, and the good people of South Carolina should follow her sterling example and demand that Gov. Mark Sanford step down immediately.