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Published:August 5th, 2009 11:51 EST
Sarah Palin Is Just Another Paris Hilton

Sarah Palin Is Just Another Paris Hilton

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin is no shrinking violet, she`s a Pitt Bull with lipstick who bares her teeth when attacked or ridiculed by the press.

Palin was all over David Letterman like white on rice, when the late-night comic made an ill-advised joke about her daughter.

Given Palin`s pugnacious personality, why hasn`t she personally addressed the rumors about her alleged affairs and divorce? According to the National Enquirer Palin had an affair with Todd`s former business partner, Brad Hanson. The National Enquirer is unfairly maligned as a gossip rag, but they are invariably right in their exposes. (Just ask John Edwards)

Palin is a family values evangelical, when the press questions the viability of her marriage, it`s striking right at her heart. Why hasn`t the born again Christian personally refuted the divorce and affairs rumors?

If one of my critics accused me of cheating on my taxes, I wouldn`t turn mute and let my lawyer and accountant do all the talking. I would defend myself, and vociferously deny the charges. Palin`s spokesperson has denied the divorce allegations, but we`ve yet to hear from Palin.

The press delves into the personal lives of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, and nobody bats an eye. Palin isn`t a serious politician, she flat-out quit as governor of Alaska because she couldn`t stand the heat. Palin is no longer an office holder, and her only value to the press is as a celeb. I for one, will treat Palin as if she were another Amy Winehouse or Kim Kardashian.