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Published:September 2nd, 2009 10:30 EST
Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks out about "Obama Tags"

Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks out about "Obama Tags"

By SOP newswire2

Idaho`s top four office holders and one former governor have demanded I apologize for a politically sensitive comment I made at a Republican Barbeque in Twin Falls, August 25th. 
While speaking about wolf tags, a republican lady yelled out Obama tags "?  I politely and jokingly responded Obama tags:  We`d buy some of those " or something like that.
Governor Otter called my response to this innocent comment reckless and inflammatory ", Rep. Simpson called it absolutely irresponsible ", Senator Crapo called it in very poor taste ", Phil Batt said it maybe criminal ", and Senator Risch said Rammell is not a republican. "
What do all these men have in common besides not being at the barbeque?  One was an elected governor, one is the governor, and at least two of the others want to be governor?  Add up their over-the-top condemnation of my polite response to someone else`s joke and what do you get:  five GOP leaders that are worried about losing their power! 
I can`t use words to reply to their vitriol any better than what they used.  Gentlemen, your comments were reckless and inflammatory ", absolutely irresponsible ", and in very poor taste ".  I don`t recall you using such language to condemn Senator Craig.  You have proven what many of us have known for years:  you are not statesmen; you are politicians, more interested in your own ambitions, than the welfare of Idaho.
You demand of me an apology for making an innocent comment in response to an innocent joke, when your leadership has placed Idaho in a historically precarious position.  For fifteen years your republican leadership has only given us more taxes, more regulations, more government, and less freedom. Instead of being prepared for an economic crisis, your profligacy and arrogance has Idaho`s economy in dire straits.
I will apologize for my comments, when you apologize for all the pain and suffering you have caused Idaho.  Senators Crapo and Risch you need to apologize for trying to turn Idaho into the Wilderness state where Idahoans are only visitors, Rep. Simpson you need to apologize for literally selling Idaho and America down the road with your support of the 700 billion dollar bailout, Phil Bait you need to apologize for idly standing by, while the federal government was dropping wolves on our big game herds in 1995, and Governor Otter you need to apologize for betraying the conservative movement. 
You sir are all talk. "  Your abuse of power, as demonstrated by your veto of 35 required budget bills in order to raise taxes, proves it.  And your appointment of Brad Little as Lt. Gov., heir apparent to the governorship, is unforgivable.  Brad Little is one of the most liberal republicans in Idaho.  He voted no less than 5 times against the marriage amendment act; an act that prevents the legalization of g*y marriages.  
Instead of tearing at my flesh like the political wolves that you are, over something as insignificant as a response to a jest taken out of context, why aren`t you doing something to make Idaho a better place to live.  Our taxes are too high, our government is too big, there are too many regulations, and we have been exiled from our own public lands.  
The truth is Idaho has been in desperate need of conservative leadership for years.  The cronyism and corruption must stop.  That is why Rex Rammell is running to be Idaho`s next governor. 
And last but not least, let me be perfectly clear:  I unequivocally do not advocate anyone making an attempt to harm the President of the United States.  My values hold the sanctity of life above all other.  

Thank you

Rex Rammell
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