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Published:December 16th, 2009 11:00 EST
Cross-Fire in Bangladesh

Cross-Fire in Bangladesh

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh

If you want to know the dictionary meaning of the word "Cross-fire", the meaning may be "Crossfire is gunfire, for example in a battle, that comes from two or more different directions and passes through the same area". Whatever may be the meaning in the sense of dictionary if you ask any neutral Bangladeshi about the meaning of cross fire, he/she will say this is an extra-judicial killing committed by the law-enforcing agencies in Bangladesh to the so-called grievous offenders. Actually this is the invisible super power of the law-enforcing agencies in Bangladesh by which they give the judgment of death penalty to grievous offenders denying the existence of the Court of law.

The practice of cross-fire is not the traditional practice in Bangladesh. But this practice has been regularly started before some years after forming special law-enforcing force in Bangladesh. Sometimes it is used for political purpose. The activists of opposition party basically become the victim of crossfire rather than grievous offenders. However this practice is the indirectly making hindrance for the opposition party in Bangladesh in order to hamper the practice of democracy. Looking the excessive practice of cross-fire the state-established "National Human Rights Commission" has been bound to request the government to investigate the extra-judicial killings. Not only the grievous offenders are being brutally killed by cross-fire sometimes some innocent persons even the students have been the victim of crossfire. In Bangladesh no investigation can see the light of success against the law-enforcing agencies. So, where are human rights? Where there is no right of life.

Actually the practice of cross-fire has become the political culture in Bangladesh and it is the great shelter of government to stay in power safely denying the access of democracy. However this is the good news that now days the government is being cautious about the decision of crossfire but still it is not fully stopped. However the people of Bangladesh expect that the government will secure their life, property not will kill them extra-judicially and after killing provide nice news to the media that "during the operation of rescuing arms and ammunition taking with accused person, the companions of the accused person attacked the law-enforcing agencies and the accused person had been killed in encounter." This is the common news provided by the law-enforcing agencies after cross-fire. Such type of attractive fake excuses have already been memorized by the people of Bangladesh even by the school-going children.

However, the people of Bangladesh want the establishment of rule of law in Bangladesh. Whereas the separation of judiciary has been done a few years ago but the government has to stop all types of interference in the work of judiciary. The government of Bangladesh has to be more sincere regarding the public security and has to stop all extra-judicial killings. In case of any unlawful activities of the law-enforcing agencies the government has to investigate the affairs attentively. However, we want a Bangladesh as well as a world where the rights of the people will be established and no Human Rights violation will be existed.



Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Volunteer Coordinator,
"Society For Human Rights & Education" (Govt.Reg.No:- S8297)

Executive Director
"The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society" (Govt.Reg: S9773)

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