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Published:March 14th, 2010 14:20 EST

Karl Rove: Torture Is Good

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In a BBC interview, Karl Rove, who was known as `Bush`s brain`, said he `was proud we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists`.

roveHe said waterboarding, which simulates drowning, should not be considered torture." Read More

Karl Rove was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to former President George W. Bush unitl his resignation on August 31, 2007.

According to some political insiders and historians Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney were the powers behind the throne, and Dubya was little more than a figurehead. Rove and Cheney would explain to Bush what he should do, and Dubya would nod in agreement like a bobblehead doll.

Since Rove was responsible for much of the Bush agenda, he has a right to take pride in all of Bush`s accomplishments. Granted, there`s pretty slim pickings. It`s very revealing that Rove takes great pride in torturing suspected terrorists.

The prestige and reputation of the United States was tarnished by the Bush administration`s use of torture. We are all too familiar with totalitarian states employing torture, but it`s very disconcerting and troubling when the world`s greatest democracy engages in this barbaric practice.

Many studies have proven that torture simply doesn`t work, the unfortunate person being tortured will say what he thinks his tormentors want to say, not necessarily the truth.

Thank goodness that Rove and his ilk are no longer running the country. President Obama would never hire an adviser who beams with pride at the thought of torturing a human being, and thank goodness that Obama banned waterboarding in 2009.

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