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Published:March 15th, 2010 10:13 EST

Tea Party Not Your Bag? Now There's The Coffee Party

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tea Partiers, make room. The Coffee Party is about to steal some of your media thunder. Around for only a few weeks, it officially launches March 13th, having already attracted 109,000 Facebook fans, slightly more than the Tea Party, around about a year. The Coffee Party expects about 300 gatherings in 44 states to participate on Saturday.


On the surface, the two `parties` seem radically different. Tea Partiers are known for their shout-downs, but Coffee Partiers feature a `civility pledge` on their homepage. Coffee Partiers, don`t call for a drastically shrunken government, ala the Tea Party, but for `cooperation in government.`"

Tea partiers conjure images of Mad White Men Gone Wild; and tea parties are exploding with histrionics, vitriol, and an undercurrent of racism.

There are many Republicans who are displeased with the direction that President Obama is taking this country, but they want no part of the divisiveness stirred up by the tea party movement.

Now there is a movement for conservatives who don`t think Obama is an illegitimate president, and who don`t think Sarah Palin is the answer.

The Coffee Party is a kinder and gentler version of the tea party movement, they prefer constructive dialogue to belligerent chants.

As a staunch liberal and a proud Hispanic, I wouldn`t be caught dead at a meeting of the anti-immigrant tea party. But I wouldn`t mind exchanging views over a cup of Java with members of the Coffee Party.

Pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee, and check out the Coffee Party`s Web site

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