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Published:March 23rd, 2010 14:40 EST

All Hail Nancy Pelosi! Greatest Woman Politician In American History!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Nancy Pelosi is the first female Speaker of the House, before being elected speaker in the 110th congress, she was the House Minority Leader from 2003 to 2007.

When Pelosi was chosen by her caucus as Speaker of the House, many pundits and politicians predicted that the congresswoman from San Francisco would be too liberal and too divisive to be an effective leader.

Congress is a jungle, and only a lion or a lioness can cajole nervous members to toe the line, and get legislation passed. Pelosi is tough as nails, and she has been an effective and respected Speaker of the House.

Health care reform may have been Obama`s primary focus during his first year in office, but the president`s dream would never have been realized without the energy and determination of Pelosi. She lassoed Harry Reid and Barack Obama and pulled them over the finish line. Pelosi saved the Obama presidency, if health care reform had gone done to defeat it would have been a disaster for Obama.

"Those who know Nancy Pelosi best say without her, President Obama wouldn`t have been able to pop open the champagne bottle over his momentous health care win.

Pelosi loves quoting legendary House Speaker Tip O`Neill, and her fans say she`s now in the same league as the Democratic lion of the House." Read more:

Speaker Tip O`Neil? Pelosi is now in the same league as Wonder Woman, the Virgin Mary, and Joan of Arc. Pelosi is adored in the San Francisco Bay Area, community leaders shouldn`t wait until she passes away, they should immediatley name schools, libraries, and parks after her.

Speaker Pelosi is often criticized for the designer outfits she favors, and for her extensive cosmetic surgery. Pelosi`s skin may be tighter than a drum as a result of all her surgeries, but even though it might hurt her to crack a smile, she has a smile as wide as a river right now.

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